All media is social. And we, the consumer, are all mediums. Percepture has worked with some of the world’s most visible brands to create award-winning and business-measurable social media campaigns, programs and listening rooms. We staff our social-specific teams with seasoned expertise across the entire social media spectrum to enhance our client’s visibility, conversation and product experience and find new ways to engage and activate online audiences.

From digital technology, production, engagement strategy, community management, content creation and syndication, digital defense and social listening, we understand your target audiences and know how, where and when to converse with them, on the platform and with “the language” that they hear and respond to best.

Contact Stephanie Stabulis at or 800-707-9190 x809 to learn more.

Our Other Services

Strategic Services

Strategy is about changing and shaping the future. Intelligent strategy starts with listening, observing, participating and engaging. At Percepture, we get to know your business, understand how it works, and become part of your team.
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Public Relations

PR is the art of clever storytelling, conversation instigation and public relationships with the media, key stakeholders, or the specific individual and public (after all, they – we – are all mediums in the world of social media).
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Investor Relations

Whether your company is going public or has been listed for years, it’s critical that your Investor Relations integrates seamlessly with your other communications disciplines.

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Branding & Marketing

Branding is emotional, and at Percepture we take it personally. Before we develop a strategy or tactics we immerse ourselves in our client’s business.

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Digital Marketing

Percepture fields an impressive, seasoned team to ensure your story is engaging, compelling, relevant and functional on today’s electronic devices and across any platform.

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The Percepture team explores all means of enhancing visibility to your website by providing premium search engine optimization (SEO) services.

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Pay-per-click (PPC) is an effective online tactic our New York and New Jersey pay-per-click teams use to help direct traffic to websites.

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Analytics & Metrics

We are accountable and measure our progress at every mile-marker, and joyously celebrate results. What we’ve learned is that every client has its own priorities, systems and process.
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Reputation Management

We work to keep our clients out of the news with reputation management issues and much as we try to put them in the news where all things are good.

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