Social Media

Ever wonder why content, contests and advertisements fall on deaf ears and isn’t shared? We do. That’s why we observe social media on different levels – experiential and scientific. We leverage market research reports and our media library to evaluate the content and context of online conversations and sharing habits. We deliver a comprehensive report with specific recommendations for your company to engage audiences and post comments. The findings typically lead to unimagined opportunities. We call this – Percepture’s Social Media Intelligence and Response™

Looking for targeted social media to complement your marketing mix? With social media, we have multiple open channels of communication to hear how people interact with brands. Before Percepture recommends an action, we can guarantee – we know your audience. We develop metric-based campaigns that complement brand strategy, community building and sales funnel conversion goals. We do content development, ads and super creative campaigns for Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit. We work in Omniture, Radian 6, HubSpot and HootSuite.