Public Relations

So, the zippy new marketing plan calls for thought leadership to generate demand. Somebody was thinking long-term branding. We do the sophisticated heavy lifting for this tactic, like finding industry speaking opportunities, aligning and executing media relations, writing search engine optimized press releases, white papers, articles, and blogs, and scripting spokespeople – all to monetize those brilliant industry insights and generate profitable “gotta have it” brand buzz.

Business is business. Company spokespeople mis-speak and quality issues arise with products/services. No worries, we get brands back in good standing – spokesperson through product/service lines. Don’t have a crisis communication plan in place with designated spokespeople? Haven’t role played what-if scenarios to keep on your toes. Pretty risky – let us get this done for you.

Maybe you have a well thought out communication plan and a cool media database, but the execution and metrics aren’t going so well. That’s okay. We’ve seen this before. It’s a matter of aligning those great ideas and fancy tools with market research, website analytics and CRM data. We can make it happen, show you how we did it, and hand your plan back to you purring like a Porche. Wondering how you might up the speed? We have some social media tactics up our sleeves too.

Goodness-Gracious, the Caption-of-Industry has steered the ship so well, now s/he needs analyst attention to gain more speed. But…what industry analysts are aligned to your stealthy competitors? That’s where we come in. We dig deep on your company’s behalf to find the best fit. Guaranteed to satisfy any Board of Directors.

Being in the right place at the right time can feel magical. We create a lot of that for thought leaders, authors, and speakers. We do comprehensive media analysis and market research before recommending or planning events. Then we work every tactic in the marketing mix to drive media and customer traffic to spokespeople and websites. We’re absolutely amazing on trade show floors when it comes to working the press and arranging spontaneous interviews and key introductions. Need your event branded and planned from the ground up – website to the trade show floor? It’s one of our favorite things to do. We team with Fortune 500 exhibit design companies to bring out the razzle-dazzle, all within marketing budgets.

Speaking in public takes practice. Remember your high school days! Speaking to the press takes a lot more practice, plus optimized strategic messaging to move you towards a marketing goal. We work alongside spokespeople to create powerful clear messages, then show them how to build credibility. We’ve scripted some movers and shakers and made some along the way too.

Navigating the media landscape is daunting enough. We know our way around industries and can help optimize marketing spend, assuring you’re in the right channels and being financially respected.